Sekalung tahniah bagi mereka yang telah menyertai Demo Bersih pada hari ini. Biarlah apapun yang dikatakan oleh sekelompok manusia. Biasalah, orang Malaysia memang tak suka benda-benda yang baru..

Bila dahulu Tun Mahatir memperkenalkan “kereta Malaysia” ramai dengan suara yang sinis mengatakan “ala mcm tin milo jer?”

Benda yang sama berlaku bilamana Tun ingin membina KLCC, Litar Sepang, KLIA dan sebagainya. Akhirnya puak-puak inilah yang menutup mula. Ibarat kata orang putih

“Do not spit on the air because it will land directly on your face”

Waktu ni jugalah ulama-ulama yang berkhidmat kerajaan yang selama ini sibuk berdiam diri, mengeluarkan hujah masing-masing.

HARAM!! Kata mereka.

Erk, Ustaz.. Konsert Adam Lambert (The Gay Icon) tu halal ke?

Selama ni Ustaz Harussani Zakaria sahajalah yang berani bersuara dan tidak takut pada mana-mana pihak. Baguslah, itu yang kita mahu. Takutkan Allah, bukan takut pada manusia.

Oh tidak lupa juga pada kata kata Ustaz Haron Din

“Hanya golongan ulama sejati yang berani mengeluarkan kenyataan yang benar walaupun sedar diri terpaksa berhadapan dengan sebarang kemungkinan,”

Salute you 🙂

Btw lets back to our main point BERSIH.

Kesian tengok mereka yang di pukul, dan dilayan dengan teruk. Percayalah, semua pengorbanan kalian tentu telah Allah sediakan ganjarannya.

Percayalah, tujuan BERSIH bukan untuk melahirkan generasi yang suka memberontak. Tapi ingin pemerintah sedar, negara ini adalah milik rakyat. Bukan milik pemerintah. Seperti mana yang berlaku di Mesir baru-baru ini. Bila kita diam, apa yang kita dapat? Habuk pun tarak.

Ada segelintir yang berkata.. “Oh Malaysia kan dah aman, bagus, sejahtera.. apa nak heboh-heboh lagi?”

Itulah orang-orang yang benar-benar hipokrit yang hanya memandang periuk nasi mereka tanpa mengira peduli nasib orang lain yang sengsara. Malaysia ini tidak seindah yang kita sangka.. percayalah. Banyak perkara yang tidak kita ketahui.

Banyak yang mengeluh, bagaimana mereka telah mengalami kerugian disebabkan oleh BERSIH. Kerugian pada hari ini, InshaAllah akan diganti dengan kebaikan pada muka hari, jika kita mengabil iktibar daripada apa yang berlaku hari ini.

Berkorbanlah, jangan asyik mengeluh.

Revolusi itu tidak berlaku dengan berdiam diri. Revolusi itu tidak berlaku dengan menyalahkan dan mengejek orang yang mengubah sesuatu yang lama. Revolusi  hanya bagi mereka yang berani, sayangnya mereka yang berani itu akan terkorban dan hasil kejayaan mereka dirasakan oleh mereka yang berdiam diri itu.

Saffa Islam

I guess I am alive again

I WAS about to delete this page. But something kept me “pause”. There is no single post for the whole 2010. It was my toughest year. Al Hamdulillah I am not weaken by it. Verily, difficulties should strengthen us.

I am sorry. I never replied to the comments. Only now I do. And thanks for the suggestion. I’ve changed the theme, I hope it looks better now ( I hope so)

Hello and Salaamu alaykum again.

Saffa Islam

Perfect stranger, Good Bye!

Many things came across my mind lately. There was a man who inspired me a little. I don’t know him, so do he. All I know, he read my blog and commented once. And one day, I got to know he has passed away. It’s hard for me to digest the truth. He is a perfect stranger for me, but I don’t know why. I am so sad and little depressed. That night, I read all his posting. All night long I went through his blog, read every sentences and it’s really meaningful for me. Sadly, he can’t approve any of my comment. He is not there anymore.
That night, I prayed for him. He is too young, 22. A great loss for his mother, I am very sure about it. He is genius, in fact he is brilliant. Positive minded. He is a young pilot, a good-looking pilot. He is gifted. He has everything, except a long life. That night, I cried for a stranger. Don’t know why, I got involved in such emotion. May be, the reason could be due to his comment on my post. May be because I added him on my friendster. May be, may be. Too many reasons, but yet he is a perfect stranger for me.
I asked Allah to protect him. May Allah bless him, allahumma Ameen. From Allah we came, and to HIM we shall return. And this post specially dedicated to Mohamed Ihsan, a young pilot who died in pride. Again, may Allah bless your soul, and may Allah save you and reward you a great barakah barzakh life. One day I will be in the same place you’re right now.
Salam ‘Alaykum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh Wajannatu Waredhwanu ya Mohamed Ihsan. Ameen

~MJ~ A legend?

This is about someone, “MJ” a legend that will remain as a LEGEND always.. Im not a big fan of him.. but his stories touched me somehow…



The star’s first appearance was as part of his family band, the Jackson 5, when he was 11. The band quickly broke records, with their very first release, I want you back, going straight to number one. Back then, Michael was playing tambourine and bongos but he caught everyone’s eye with his singing and dancing. Soon, he was the centerpiece of the band.

After he left the Jackson 5, he started the first step on the most successful musical legacy of the century. His first album, Off The Wall, was an instant hit. With a mixture of dance, disco, and pop, it sold more than 10 million copies. Michael was now the biggest artist in the US.

But then came the high point of his career, and the high point of pop music. With the release of his acclaimed Thriller album in 1982, Michael forged and redefined what pop music is. It became the best selling album of all time, selling more than 65 million copies. It also gave birth to the famous 14-minute Thriller video clip, where Michael becomes a zombie. The clip, which cost $500,000 has never been matched by a music video since then.

“A Muslim or Not?!” -Zahed Amanullah – associate editor ( Los Angeles)- Click to read
After the release of his third solo album, Bad, Michael’s career started going downwards. This was in no small part due to his rather eccentric behavior. But to understand Wacko Jacko, as he was to be called, one most understands the different situations that shaped his character.


In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michael explains that he had a miserable childhood. A brother to eight siblings, their father drove them very hard during the Jackson 5 days. Michael suffered severe emotional and physical abuse. His father would whip him, scream at him, and drive them incessantly in rehearsals.

The end result is that Michael Jackson led a life very different from the fantasy younger people have of being a star. His life was not like that of Hanna Montana’s, the teenage star that many young people now admire. On the contrary, he missed his childhood, being forced to work hard from a very young age. In his own words in his autobiography, Michael wrote “I’m one of the loneliest people in the world.”

“His music bridged the world and generations.”- Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Muslim Singer (Canada)- Click to read
This traumatized the young star, leading him to search for this lost childhood for the rest of his life. And that explains some of the strange choices he made during his life. Imagine if you would tell a little child that they have untold millions of dollars to spend as they wish.

Chances are, the first thing they would want to buy is their own theme park. And that is exactly what Michael did. He went out and built his fantasy theme park in his ranch, Neverland, complete with its own rollercoasters, games, and food stalls.

A Controversial Life

The next period of his life was surrounded by controversies from the tabloid press. Some were generated by Jackson himself as a popularity stunt, but most were not. These included rumors that he slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to slow down aging, and that he was bleaching his skin to become white. But later Michael denied those rumors, explaining that he was suffering from vitiligo – a disease that led to loss of skin pigments in parts of the skin.

He used to take medication that lightened his skin color as well as wear makeup to cover the patches forming over his body. During a Pepsi ad, he suffered second degree burns in his hair due to a pyrotechnic error. From this stage on, Michael had to wear a wig in public.

“When I met with Jermaine Jackson”- Farrukh Younus, Writer and Globetrotter (UK). Click to read.
Many people developed anger towards the young artist, accusing him of intentionally changing his color – refusing his African American origins. Many people also attacked the artist for trying to look ‘girlish.’ But to Michael, it all became part of his everyday life – coping with his problems.

After this peak in his musical career, Michael started a steep descend. His albums were not selling well due to a change in his music direction that many fans found was too harsh. He hit a new low several years later on when he was arrested and charged with child molestation. Though he was found not guilty on all charges, the artist had to move to Dubai after the trial.

‘Gone too Soon’ on London’s Lyric Theatre Door

All the controversy and criticism caused the star to become more reclusive. He retired for nearly a decade, with no new albums or performances.

But then, last March, he announced a comeback tour with 50 concerts in London. This was to be the restarting point of the king of pop’s career. The tickets were sold out hours after they went on sale.

” He seemed to have the heart of a child, though he was a giant of a musician. The moment I heard he had been taken to hospital, the worst was anticipated…” Yusuf Islam, Muslim singer.
But then on Thursday, June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was rushed to hospital suffering from cardiac arrest. The doctors tried resuscitating him for more than hour to no avail.
And so at the age of 50, the king of pop passed away, with millions of fans mourning him all over the world.

With a life defined by rising to the very top and then falling to rock bottom, Michael was no stranger to controversy. He will always be looked at with love, hate, respect, and disgust.

But the one thing that will remain true is that, even though he was surrounded by millions, he led a very lonely life. Even though he was 50 when he passed away, he remained a child inside. He died searching for his lost childhood, trying to grow up amidst a crazy life.

And one thing that will remain undisputed is that the boy-man has left behind the greatest musical legacy of all time. He has inspired generations after him, but no one has ever managed to recreate the legend that is the king of pop.