The Missing Puzzle

World is weird, isn’t it ? Sigh!

I still remember, when first my dad bought a computer. I was 13. Me and my sibling always fight to take our turns to use the computer. Al thou there is nothing much to do, we spent most of our time by playing silly stupid card games, or draw weird stuffs on paint.

But everything change when we have internet connection at home. A lot of drama.

But now everything has changed. Al thou each of us have our own pc / laptop but it’s not gonna be the same.

Miss you so much Sis, Bro.


Kenangan-kenangan lalu mengusik kalbu. Masih teringat bagaimana kita sering bertengkar, tak kisah perkara-perkara kecil atau besar….

p/s : It’s funny bro when I asked you why you’re sad and you told me that you’re not. I can read what your mind speaks, and what your heart whispers.. Because I am your sister

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