Rude Woman!

Due to endless problem, headache and depression, I’ve made my mind to run away from every evil cause that can lead me in further depression. I didn’t sleep for few days and stay up at night so I can finish all my tasks and submit it earlier so that I can breaths peacefully. Yes! I made it.
So that afternoon after my OSCE examination, I left my hometown with a singing heart. Yes, am going to meet my only nephew with a lot of dreams. On the bus, I noticed a lot of free empty seats. Who bother? When the bus about to move, I made a little prayer asking Allah may HE forgive my sin if this is my last travel.
After few minutes, I heard an Indian man who sat next to me vomit. It was loud. In fact, it was too loud.
So I hand him a plastic bag and some “asam”. With hope he will get better as I didn’t bring my anti-emetic medication. He looked at me, and I able to read “million thank” from his eyes.
I have no idea what’s wrong with the Chinese woman who sat right in front of me. She starred at the Indian man with a disgust feeling which is so obvious. A minute later, she changed her place since there are free seats available and before she moved, she starred at me too.
Dear Miss,
Okay I should call you aunty since I can see the thick make-up and I know you’re trying to gain some attention, a-teen-wanna-be. Do you know what is Headache? Migraine?
Do you know that migraine do have aura, that will make things become so ugly until the person can’t tolerate with the pain and the funny sensation? By vomiting and paracetamol it may reduce the pain. So, there is no wrong with it. Nobody wants to vomit in the bus. Trust me, no one. So if he did, it’s not his fault. It’s an unwanted, uncontrolled pathology. So miss, stop acting like a moron. Do more homework and please respect others. How I wish I can snap a picture of you and distribute it to the whole world.
p/s : I hate racist peeps.
DISCLAIMER : Btw I am not racist. I mentioned the race matter not to provoke anyone. I am living in Chinese neighborhood, grew up in Chinese Community, and I have a lot of Chinese friends. I have no problem with Chinese community and I love them, exception applied to this aunty who has lack of manner and attitude problem.

Btw a snap of my sweetheart

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