Thank You Allah

Today was a disaster, horrible, terrible!

It was all my fault. I know, I deserve even more than this. I met an accident.
My car is truly ugly now with the prominent scars. I have no idea where to get the money to repair the mess.

But one beautiful thing is, although the accident was really bad, the person who I hit (one who ride the motorbike) experienced only minor injuries. Al Hamdulillah. Thanks Allah, you saved me.

And one good thing is, I didn’t shake, tremble, panic, or cried. I was so strong, handle the problem by my own and went to the exam.

I was little sad. I want to share what happened to someone so that I able to relieve my sadness. But I have no one, as usual. So I went to the ladies, forcing myself to cry. However I didn’t shed a single tear.

How stupid I am. Why should I seek for someone, when Allah is with me.

I raised my hand and said “al hamdulillah for this test. U made me stronger”

Love You Allah!

Your ugly slave,

Saffa Islam

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