The Arrival

Salam’alaykum warahmat Allah wabarakatuh

First of all, may be its kinda late to advertise abt this short-series “The Arrival” regarding on FreeMasons and Anti-Christ, but late better than never

Its all 52 episode of short series (each about 10mins) regarding Free Mason and how do they control our mind. Well its kinda suprising to know that how these people control “Our” world and they be our masters, by occupying our soul and mind…

This video made by Brother Noreageaa. He also made series about The Illuminati and You, and yet to come “Phase”. All I can say is, he is a very-young talented brainny man who try to reveal secrets and tricks that made by “these” freemasons masters.

One thing which I really amazed about this young man is, on how he try to unite all three Jews-Muslim-Christian by keep saying “all three prophets, have the same message and from ONE true God”

Well I`ll write more about them next time….